General Writing Resources

  1. How to Create an Organizational Style Guide, from

    This concise article explains what a house style guide is; how to create, maintain, and use one; and why it’s important. If your organization doesn’t have a style guide, consider asking a copy editor or professional writer to start one for you.

Especially for Nonprofit Organizations

  1. Nonprofit Annual Reports: 7 Best Practices [TEMPLATES], from

    Best practice number one? Write with a clear purpose and audience in mind. Other best practices focus on specific content and are illustrated with useful examples.  

  2. Guidelines for a Letter of Intent, from University of Massachusetts Amherst

    General guidance and an easy-to-follow template for writing a letter of intent (also known as a letter of inquiry or LOI)

  3. How to Write the Perfect Fundraising Email [TEMPLATES], from

    Take the time to read this when you’re able to think about your organization’s overall fundraising strategy, then refer back to it as you execute each step of your fundraising plan.

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