Practical Details

Communicating with Me
Email is my preferred form of contact, especially for detailed feedback or information. However, I’m happy to arrange meetings by phone. I respond to email messages at within 24 hours.

My base rate is $50 per hour, with a $100 minimum for all projects. My quoted rate depends on the amount of text and complexity of edits, whether special formatting is required, and your timeline.

To request a free quote, please provide the original text in an editable file (e.g., MS Word) and indicate the kind of service you are requesting and your anticipated timeline. Read more about my services.

I offer new clients a free sample edit so that you can compare different levels of service (light versus heavy copyedit) and, if you have requested content editing, so that you can see if our styles are compatible. Based on my sample edit and quote for services, you can determine the level of service that best fits your needs and budget.

Work for Hire Agreement and Terms of Service Letter
I ask every client to sign a work for hire agreement before work begins. This is a tool for gathering information I need to satisfactorily meet your expectations and a reference document for both of us about project scope, timing, and my terms of service.

Project Delivery
I rigorously adhere to timelines I establish with clients. You can count on me to return your project completed, in the format you requested, and on time.

Payment is due within 30 days of delivery of the completed project. I accept payment from individuals via PayPal or by check from organizations. In some cases a partial payment may be required before I begin work.

I will not share your documents, information, sources, or any other information you provide me during the course of our work together without your written consent.

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