My Portfolio

Client: Maui Mediation Services

Scope of work:
Write copy and change graphics and layout to bring two brochures in line with current messaging and improve user experience. (Project done remotely.) 

Original version brochure 1    /    Final version brochure 1

Original version brochure 2    /    Final version brochure 2

Client: Nonprofit Organization

Scope of work: Revise request for funding to be clearer, more coherent, and more compelling, reducing the amount of copy by half. (Project done remotely.)

Final request for funding

Client: Minnesota Composting Council 

Scope of work: Translate a 17-page white paper on plastic micro-fragments in compost into an online newsletter article for compost program managers. (Project done remotely.)

White paper   / Final newsletter article 

Travel writing: In 2012 and 2013 I maintained a personal blog about my experiences living in Bariloche, Argentina. Below are excerpts.

Travel writing 1

Travel writing 2

Lifestyle writing: From 2013 to 2017 I maintained a personal blog about simplifying in order to live a better life. Below is an excerpt.

Lifestyle writing

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