Hire Me

I’m a valuable behind-the-scenes ally who brings the following to your project:

  • Demonstrated work history as a writer and copy editor
  • Strong grasp of grammar and writing fundamentals
  • Impeccable attention to detail
  • Collaborative working style
  • Marketing orientation
  • Rigorous adherence to established timelines
  • Experience exercising discretion with confidential or sensitive documents

My Services

My services include light and heavy copyediting, content editing, and writing. My training and experience is in marketing and technical communications.

Light Copyedit

I address each of the items below.

  • Word choice
  • Incorrect sentence construction
  • Consistency of spelling, hyphenation, and names
  • Grammar and spelling
  • Number usage
  • Hyphenation
  • Punctuation
  • Minor fact-checking
  • Proper handling of dialogue and dialogue tags
  • Citations
  • Numbering of footnotes, tables, and figures
  • Adherence to the appropriate style guide

Heavy Copyedit

In addition to the items noted above, I make suggestions to reduce redundancy and wordiness, and provide alternatives to awkward phrasing, repeated words, confusing jargon, and overused adverbs and adjectives. I communicate the reasoning for stylistic or substantive copyedits.

Content Editing

I offer written feedback on structural and organizational problems in the text along with suggested solutions.


Please contact me to discuss your project. See my writing samples

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I offer free quotes and a free sample copyedit for new clients. Read more here

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